Sean's Story.  ̌


It was 10 pm, some weekday night. For hours he'd been sitting in front of his screen, hitting the keys, writing words, deleting them. He never really seemed to get down to the nitty-gritty. To the essence. What made it all come alive? What do the people want? Those people out there, millions of them. Too busy being busy with screens. Scan it. Post it. Forget about it. Just like that. On to the next void. If you handed them the meaning of life on a silver platter, they'd just close the fucking tab.

There had to be something that sparked it, that human element. The thing that makes us come alive and do that face - eyes and mouth wide open, where our lips can't even mouth the words 'What the fuck?'.

He kept on typing, frantically trying to summon what he was looking for, as if only were he to hit the keys harder and faster, maybe then he'd find the holy grail. He took a sip of his cold coffee, put the cup back down on his notepad. Notes scribbled down in words, sentences, boxes, circles. It was a mess. He gazed at the sheet of paper. Something grabbed his attention. A word at the top of the paper. He'd even made it the headline - STORY.

Suddenly it clicked. Stared him right in the face. He had missed it all along. He leaned back in his chair, eyes and mouth wide open, his hands in the air holding a huge watermelon that wasn't there. It wasn't STORY that it was all about.

It was what the story did in your head.

He closed the document he had been working on - Don't Save. He opened a new one, changed the font size to 72, made it bold and wrote in capital letters:


There it was. The last human refuge in this berserk world of bullshit information, dead advertising, pictures no one gave a toss about and oceans of pedestrian words strung together amounting to one big "Who gives a shit!".

Our imagination. Free. Uncensored. Accessible to all. At all times. Just requires a good moment of inspiration to set it off. And off it goes! Into all directions. A child's daily go-to tool. An adult's forgotten relic. Unique to each mind, the origin of creativity, the creator of reality.